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Intermediary Relending Program

Triangle South Enterprise Center, through the Dunn Area Committee of 100, Inc. provides USDA-Rural Development loans for businesses across North Carolina.

The program lends funds to eligible recipients that meet the following criteria: are a community development project; establish a new business; create or save jobs; assist businesses that will employ farm families or displaced farm workers; have been turned down by two banks or lending institutions; and are located in the service area.

According to the program guidelines, all money must be lent in rural areas where the population is less than 25,000. The maximum loan amount is $250,000.

A loan committee of three area bankers (with over 100 years of lending experience), the president of the Dunn Area Committee of 100, Inc., and the director of Triangle South Enterprise Center will determine if you qualify for the Intermediary Relending Program. The Dunn Area Committee of 100, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Lender.